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Privacy policy

Vistaserv wants to be as transparent about what we do with your data as possible. We don't store anything except what you explicitly give us (username, email, messages you sent on our platform, etc.). As far as we're concerned, personally identifiable information is a liability.

If you've created an account with us, and for whatever reason you decide to leave, you can at any time get in touch with us and we'll happily remove all private data related to your account.

Your email address

The most private piece of data you're liable to give us is your email address. You don't have to give us your email address. You can register for a Vistaserv account without an email address, that's fine.

Third-party data processors

Vistaserv uses some third-party tools to help us run the site. The most important one from a privacy perspective is Google Analytics, which we use to learn about how our users use the site. However, since we the webmasters are also privacy conscious individuals, we invite everyone to install privacy extensions to their browser, for example uBlock Origin or uMatrix and Privacy Badger. The site will continue to function fine if you block Google Analytics.

We also use Rollbar to monitor for errors in production. No personally identifiable information will be sent to Rollbar or any other third-party service.

Stay safe

Vistaserv and all services provided are solely for nostalgic entertainment purposes, and we provide no warranty about suitability for any purpose. Be welcome to use Vistaserv, but do not post any sensitive private information, illegal material, or anything you wouldn't want all of your neighbours to be able to see. The direct message functionality on Vistaserv isn't secure or encrypted, and administrators will be able to read your messages.